Two groups dedicated to schools

To the Editor:
Although I enjoy reading your newspaper on a regular basis, I have read your last two issues of the Village News with delight as you have highlighted two of the community groups who have made a positive difference at Chesterfield Community High School.

Last week, you highlighted Beta Pi, a group of hard-working former educators who give freely of their time to support CCHS and other organizations.  Beta Pi has supported CCHS students for many years by sponsoring as our Student of the Month recognitions, as well as other events.  Without their support, these events would not be possible, and many of our hard-working students would not be recognized for their contributions to our school. 

This week, I saw that another wonderful organization, MEGA Mentors, had been featured on your front page.  This organization, as well, has made a positive difference in the lives of many of our students.  At the beginning of this year, Greg Cummings and Larry Murphy, retired professionals in the area, approached our school about implementing the MEGA Mentors program.  They, and other mentors, have faithfully met with a group of 9th and 10th grade students on topics such as goal-setting, interviewing skills, and good character traits.  Yesterday, MEGA Mentors took our students, as well as those from other participating MEGA Mentor schools, to Washington, D. C., where the students, some for the first time, visited the Capitol Building, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Lincoln Memorial and Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.  In addition, the students took a walking tour of the George Washington University campus.

These types of experiences – recognition for positive contributions to the school, as well as exposure to positive role models and unique experiences – make a huge difference in the lives of our students.  Chesterfield Community High School, and Communities in Schools, could not be any more grateful to these organizations, and other organizations and individuals, for giving of their time and resources in support of our students.  I also appreciate your willingness to highlight organizations such as this.

Jennifer Grossnickle