Let the Pieing Begin

There was a little adventure, a little anxiety,  and all in good fun last Wednesday, when 300 third-, fourth- and fifth-graders from Ecoff Elementary were allowed to throw pies at their principal and assistant principal. The deal was that they would be able to throw pies at Dr. Cole and Ms. Shimko-Daye if they passed their SOL’s and they did.  “We wanted to tie something fun to SOL’s at our expense,” said Dr. Joshua Cole, principal at Ecoff.  “It’s all in good fun.”

“It is an adventure,” said Ms. Renee Shimko-Daye, assistant principal. “And, it will be fun and one incentive I have never done before.”

The small table in the field by the school was prepped with cases of whip cream, jars of cherries and 300 plates. Dr. Cole and Ms.Shimko-Daye draped themselves with plastic coverings, grabbed their goggles and snorkels - they were ready.

The kindergarten and first grade classes came to cheer on the pieing and as the classes came out, each student, one-by-one, grabbed their plate – some with a cherry on top, and the practical joke began. It was messy comedy, and after the third grade completed their pie-throwing, Dr. Cole and Ms. Shimko-Daye gave each other a hug for surviving, wiped their faces and prepared for the fourth-grade students, but before their arrival Dr. Cole said to the kindergarten and first-grade classes, “Was this fun? If you keep up the good work, you will get to do fun stuff like this, too.”


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