Lucy Corr celebrates its nurses, retirees

A chorus of friendly chatter and laughter filled the air at Lucy Corr Village last week as current and retired employees came together for lunch and fellowship.

“I just love nursing,” said Imogene Dodd, a retired registered nurse. “It’s good to be back here today.”

The May 4 retiree luncheon, which was one of Lucy Corr’s many National Nurses Week events, was the brainchild of the Nursing Week Committee, committee President Evelyn Wallace said. National Nurses Week runs from May 6 to May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, according to

“This is a milestone for us,” Wallace said, as Lucy Corr is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The committee decided to incorporate the anniversary into nurses’ week, and invite some of its retirees back for lunch, she said.

Larry Trent, who retired in 2007 but returned to work three months later, was at Lucy Corr when its first building opened in 1970, he said. From his post in the kitchen, he “keeps the place running,” he said.

“I came back because they needed me back,” said Trent, whose nickname, “Stickman,” was invented by a pen pal. “Everybody looks up to me now.”

William “Butch” Bradbury, who worked at Lucy Corr for 26 years before retiring, was chatting with Trent.

“He came back. I didn’t,” Bradbury said, laughing. “I ain’t coming back.”

Shelby Ray, a member of the Nursing Week Committee, said the luncheon was a good way to have an intergenerational gathering.

“Because we still appreciate everybody for the work they have done,” she said. “You get caught up in the moment and not telling people you appreciate what they do.”

It’s also interesting to see who knows who, Ray said. Dodd, who retired in 2003, was talking to Mary Alice Dirks, who came to the luncheon dressed as a 19th century nurse. Dodd said the residents were a large part of what made working there so special.

Mary Potter, a registered nurse and unit supervisor, said she moved to the area to be near her son, but didn’t follow him when he moved again because she didn’t want to leave her job. Potter said she thought the luncheon was a nice way to commemorate nurses’ week.

“These guys gave a lot,” she said of the retirees.

Other Nurses Week events included lunches, games, prizes and opportunities to dress up, such as Crazy Hat Day on Wednesday, May 5, and 70s Day on Friday, May 7, Ray said.


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