BARDEN, Gretchen Tinsley, 86, of Chesterfield, wife of Otis A. Barden.
BARRETT, Marilyn Grey, 87, of Chester, widow of James Henry Barrett Sr.
BENNETT, Janet A. Ray, 77, of Chesterfield, widow of Lionel Bennett.
BOBBITT, Dorothy Veniskey, 86, of Chesterfield, widow of Herbert Raymond Bobbitt Jr.
CONSTANTINE, Constant “Connie” Gusti, 74, of Chesterfield.
FOSTEK, Sean Christopher, 23, of Chesterfield.
HARRIS, Bertha Roe, 84, of Chester, widow of Luther “Luke” Garland Harris Sr.
GREENE, O.E. “Buster,” 78, of Chesterfield, widower of Mary Anna Greene.
LAUFER, Joseph Paul, 91, of North Chesterfield, husband of Margaret E. Laufer.
LEAVELL, Christopher, 22, of Chesterfield, husband of Shelby Leavell.
PATRICK, Cara Dorenda, 79, of Chesterfield, a wife of Walter R. Patrick.
REAMS, Margaret Cobb, 87, of North Chesterfield, widow of Harvey Russell Reams.
RUDICIL, Carrol Cobb, 62, of South Chesterfield, wife of Franklin J. Rudicil.
TAYLOR, Lillie S., 101, of Chesterfield.
THOMPSON, Clarence “Ed” Sr., 85, of Chesterfield, widower of Lydia Katherine Thompson.
WILKINSON, Agnes Carr, 91, of Chester, wife of Franklin Edward Wilkinson.


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