Ban all assualt vans, now!

To the Editor:
I was saddened to read of the death of two motorcyclists in rural Louisa County caused when they were hit and killed by a van. The suspect driver, now in custody, has a long documented history of driving offenses.   The vehicle was properly registered and licensed.  And the driver, as his history shows was subject to a rigorous system of administrative checks.  When are we going to do something to stop this kind of madness?  

The system of registration and licensing and drivers history checks were all in place, so that cannot be the problem.  So what could be the problem?  The VAN!  It has to be the van.  There is nothing left.  It was probably an assault van, although the police provide no details.  It was probably white.  Most assault vans are.  So what we must do is BAN all assault (white) vans totally and completely in order to get a firm grip on this problem and keep it from happening again to defenseless motorcyclists, or for that matter to any of the rest of us motorists.  And to prevent non-assault (non-white) vans from being converted to assault van use, we should limit the size of their gas tanks to ten gallons.  Five would be better.  

These actions would certainly prevent the problem experienced by the two motorcyclists in rural Louisa County from happening to someone else.

Stephen M. Anderson