Six developers request elimination of cash proffers

Six cases will be considered at the Chesterfield County Planning Commission on July 16 related to removing cash proffers on particular developments.

The Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors (BOS), during its May 22 meeting, left the cash proffer at its current $18,966 per new dwelling unit that will be built this year.  
The Chesterfield County budget staff annually calculates each year the impact of development of each residential dwelling unit on select capital facilities (roads, schools, parks, libraries and public safety) and evaluates the Board’s cash proffer policy for possible amendments.

The BOS could change the policy if the county’s Budget and Management Department was able to calculate a logical new rate as directed by the board in May. Allan Carmody of the Budget and Management office said his department could be able to come up with a new policy with a budget balanced approach by the upcoming July 17 meeting.

While the current cash proffer policy remains at $18,966, six cases have come back to the Commission after being deferred from previous dates. Some of the cases have a substantial amount of lots and proffers that could be attached to them.

These cases are being considered during this month’s commission meeting, but could once again be deferred until after the BOS has decided on a proffer policy:

In Matoaca Magisterial District, Jack R. Wilson, III requests a modification of cash proffer payments and required road improvements on 66.3 acres fronting 910 feet on the east line of Otterdale Road and 1,000 feet east of Foxcreek Crossing.

In Bermuda Magisterial District, Twin Rivers, LLC requests a deletion of cash proffers and other amendment on 67.7 acres located in the southwest corner of Meadowville and North Enon Church Roads.

In Dale Magisterial District, Terraforge, Inc. is asking for an amendment relative to the deletion of cash proffers on 174.8 acres fronting 2,400 feet on the east line of Conifer Road, 480 feet south of Bellbrook Drive.

In Dale Magisterial District, Chesterfield Business Partners LLC and Kingsland Towncenter LLC request an amendment to delete cash proffers on 101 acres fronting the west line of Iron Bridge Road and the north and south lines of Kingsland Glen Drive.

In Dale Magisterial District, Nash Road/Woodpecker Road, LLC requests amendment relative to the deletion of cash proffers and to modify the payment schedule of a transportation contribution on 396.5 acres fronting 1,100 feet on the southeast line of Nash Road, 3,200 feet northeast of Eastfair Drive.

In Bermuda Magisterial District, River’s Bend East, LLC requests a deletion of cash proffers on 99.3 acres fronting in various locations along Anchor Landing Court, Anchor Landing Drive, Anchor Landing Place, Bluewater Drive, Blue Water Terrace, Channel View Drive, Channel View Terrace, North Enon Church Road, Shallow Cove Drive and Sinker Creek Drive.

If approved or denied the above cases could proceed to the BOS for consideration. The commission will consider these cases in the evening of July 16 at 6 p.m. All citizens are permitted to speak during the public meeting concerning these cases and others.

The BOS meets on July 17, the day after the Commission meeting, but the cash proffer issue could be decided during the afternoon session. The afternoon session begins at 3 p.m. The evening session begins at 6 p.m.

The BOS will consider one cash proffer case during a public hearing on July 17 during its public meeting

The Board will consider a case in the Bermuda District related to removing cash proffers for Fountain Square Condominium LLC. The .6 acre parcel is part of the Chester Village Green development.

The Planning Commission and the BOS meet in the Public Meeting room at the Chesterfield County Complex at Iron Bridge and Lori roads.


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