Max plays a prank

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound.  I know many of you, like myself, go to work every day, and it can be a bit of grind.  However, no one said that you could not have a little fun at work to help the time to go by and release some of that built-up stress.  

I was in my boss’s office the other day and at the foot of his desk was a plastic crate…sort of like what we call a milk crate.  I asked my boss if he was moving out of his office or something, and he replied that they were thinking of buying more of them for the warehouse.  

A few days later it was still in my boss’s office, but this time the open top was facing the floor…making it look kind of like a cage or a trap for small animals.  So I got this crazy idea to get a toy mouse and put it in the corner of the cage and see what happened.  I went to the pet section of Walmart and found a little cat toy mouse that would pass for real from a short distance.  I snuck into my boss’s office after hours and stuck the mouse in the corner of the crate; visible but not really visible.  I wanted someone to take a second look at it before they believed their eyes.  

My boss comes in at 7:30 a.m. – and nothing happens.  I have a meeting in his office with another Buyer at 8:30 a.m., again with no recognition of our pretend intruder; almost thought the “cat” was out of the bag when the other Buyer placed some copying paper on top of the carton, but no such luck.  

Desperate for a reaction, I went next door to the Master Scheduler and asked her if she would do me a little bit of a favor.  I asked her to go into the boss’s office as if to ask him a question and lightly kick the carton with her foot…accidently of course…and by doing so would cause her to look down and then she would let out the expected “Yikes, a mouse!” scream.  

She was more than happy to be my partner in crime, but the boss man had stepped out for a meeting and we missed that opportunity.  It is now 10 a.m. and still no one has found the little critter hiding in the corner of the crate.   I had to get my boss’s signature on a document, so I walked into his office and sat down waiting for him to get off the phone.  

The Master Scheduler took her cue to come into the office, kicked the crate, let out a husky scream and retreated out the door.  My boss stands up...trying to figure out what was going on.  From the safety of the doorway she points at the crate and screams…”I think I saw a mouse.”  By this time my boss finally understands what has just transpired and he exits stage left out the office door as well.  I am the only one left in the office trying to maintain a serious face as I gingerly kick the crate as if to determine if our little  friend was alive or not.  A few minutes later the gig was up, but up to that point the scam went as well or better than envisioned.    We all had a good laugh and, yes, the boss man took it like a champ.

As always be good, play safe, and remember all work and no play makes us all dull as nails.  

JR and Max


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