Max has had a rough week

Hello and welcome back to the troublesome world of the Dogpound.  First off, my brother just got home from a quad bypass.  Good news is that he did admit himself when he was not feeling very well.  At first they thought it was just his COPD acting up, but some other enzyme test indicated something else was going on so they kept him an extra day.  They did a scope of his arteries and found most of them heavily clogged. So into surgery he went the next day.  They pushed him out after only four days. [Amazing what they can do these days.]  He is at home resting and seems to be on the road to a quick recovery.  The other troubling news, as if that was not enough, my boss gave his notice that he will be leaving the company.  Now, that happens on a regular basis, but in this case he was kind of pushed across the line and that is really sad.  I have had many bosses in my career and he was one of the better ones.  Always willing to listen, was not afraid to get his hands dirty, and was quick to recognize effort.  He will still be around for a few months since they have put him on a special assignment, but it will not be the same around here. Ok, enough of the downer stuff but had to get it off my chest.  

“Inflation is when you pay fifteen dollars for the ten-dollar haircut you used to get for five dollars when you had hair.  -Sam Ewing [I can definitely relate to this!]

A baseball manager walked out to the mound and said to the rookie pitcher, “Son, I think you have had enough.” “But I struck this guy out the last time he came up.” the pitcher protested. “I know, but we are still in the same inning.”


  • Overheard at work:  “I always give 110 percent to my job… 40 percent on Monday, 30 percent on Tuesday, 20percent on Wednesday, 15 percent on Thursday and 5 percent on Friday.” [Yep! Another one that hits home.]
  • Truism: Wherever you go there you are. Your luggage is a different story.
  • I have two worries…one is that we may never go back to the “good old days.” The other is that these might be them. [Now that would be a bummer.]
  • September is when millions of shining, happy faces, turn toward school. They belong to parents.

That is enough for today.  As always be good, play safe, and remember to take care of yourself.

JR and Max


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