Lions Club purchases Pedia-Vision machine

There is an exciting new machine for checking on eye or vision problems for babies, children, adolescents, adults and seniors in a matter of seconds. This is especially important because in the past, it has been difficult to obtain the necessary information from infants and young children. Originally these devices were very large and difficult to move around, like all early versions of computers and most technology.

This new device is called Pedia-Vision. It is hand-held and approximately the size of a video recorder. There are a number of colored lights which seem to dance in the viewer to keep the attention of anyone whose eyes are being looked into or viewed. With the use of this device, “lazy eye” or amblyopia can be detected in the age group where it can be treated most successfully, children under the age of five.  Considering that amblyopia affects 1 to 5 percent of the population, this may not sound like many people but, if you or a loved one are in that select group, this is wonderful.

Chester Lions Club has joined with the Lions clubs in Petersburg, Colonial Heights and Hopewell to purchase the Pedia-Vision machine. As Lions, they are very excited about the service that this machine will allow them to provide to the community. The next step for the Chester Lions is to get trained to use this amazing tool. They hope to use this machine frequently and extensively during the times allotted to them by the other Lions Clubs. They are hoping to be able to show off this awesome little machine and what it can do at the upcoming ChesterFest.

If any school, preschool or organization is interested in allowing them to help, not in diagnosis, but in the identification of a condition that is worth investigating further, feel free to contact a member of the Chester Lions Club or call 748-0003.

Submitted by Carelyn Sheppard


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