More dignity, less title lenders

To the Editor:
Several years ago when the Alternative Financial Institutions (i.e.LoanMax, PayDay Lenders, etc.) started to  appear along the Boulevard in Colonial Heights,  I felt extremely angry about the emergence of these spit-shined loan sharks.  Since then, they seem to have become more and more commonplace--not unlike babies left in dumpsters, babies being shot in strollers, and all of the other unthinkable signs in our current culture of the devaluing of human life.

Concurrent with these horrors, is the escalation of the devotion we give to the ownership of “things”-- more and more clothes, newer and newer automobiles, bigger and bigger houses; until we are working in  order to obtain these things in order to make us feel better about ourselves.  Sounds a lot like a drug habit.

I don’t hold a very high regard for drug dealers, pay day loaners, or title lenders.  They all prey on the most vulnerable and desperate members of our neighborhoods. I’ve  worked with people who’ve become entrapped in the webs of these venomous killers.  The folks I knew lost their dignity, their good names, and their jobs!

I don’t care about your “one mile separation clause” or how these so-called companies look from the street--what I do care about is other human beings and the and what I think should be our main focus--the improvement and protection of our neighborhoods.  Please, Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors, let’s not be a part of this symptomatology of a crumbling culture.  Let’s put dignity, honesty and the protection of ourselves and our neighbors FIRST!

Joyce Maxwell