Honey or vinegar

Dang me, dang me,

Oughta get a rope and hang me,

High from the highest tree,

Woman won’t you weep for me.

Remember Roger Miller’s mea culpa? Of course, you don’t. Miller’s song was popular some 50 years ago. Maybe you do, if you’re getting a little long in the tooth.

I remember Miller well, his hits, his trips and have read about his foibles. Nobody’s perfect. We all have millions of minute facets to our personalities like the light reflected off a crystal.

If you look at a photograph in the newspaper, the picture looks like the image of the person whom the picture was taken.

But if you look close enough, maybe through a magnifying glass, you can see the thousands of dots of which it’s made. It’s like the microscopic stuff that makes us who we are. It’s like seeing someone through a zoom lens; look at them from a wide angle and maybe you see them as their public self; focus in tighter and you see more of their personality; change your perspective and you may see some things you like and some you don’t.

There’s a Zen axiom that goes something like this: One lens must be able to see the smallest ant on a tree, the tree within the forest, the forest on the mountain, the mountain range on the continent, the continent on the globe and the globe in the universe.

How close do we see others? What do we understand about what they do and why they do it? We can’t help but judge. Every religion speaks of judgment, but no one can say their hands are clean. I can say without too much regret that I judge here often. I’m not alone though. Every opinion page in every daily and many weekly newspapers write editorial that boost or lay flat an issue, action or public person.

But there’s a fine line between disagreement and picking on someone. I’ve done some picking, not bullying because that’s just not PC these days, but there are times that I’ve taken the ham-handed approach to issues, actions, public persons – that to me were unwise at least, but to others of different political faith might seem perfectly appropriate.

I’ve not been too kind to the Tea Party, elitists or couch potatoes. In 15 years of writing in this space, I’ve disagreed with local public policy, government actions or elected officials. Should I be slathering on the honey or continue with the vinegar? I’ve been told I need to change my editorial rhetoric. Maybe the way I express outrage at issues through personal attacks.

I would like to see more letters disagreeing with me. Lay me out. Tell me how wrong I am. I’m sure there are plenty of you that don’t like my politics, that are unhappy with the way I challenge government or make solutions that, of course are never used.

I suppose in the end, I ‘m an old curmudgeon whose glass is have empty because someone has been drinking out of it.

How do you handle in a positive way something that finds its way to the pit of your stomach and it burns until you get to release it? I am lucky to have this page to vent.

For example proffers, I believe there is a better way to collect proffers, but it starts with collecting more from high price homes and allows for lower or no cash proffers for homes in a lower price range. But the Board of Supervisors have yet to move from the $18,866 that it now charges per new house, however some change should be on the way.

Maybe there are some staff members that should be removed that have been double dipping for years; in fact this person it about to collect a second pension. How do you write in a positive way when you don’t know what’s behind the curtain?

Next up is the bond referendum we will vote for or against on Nov. 5. I’ve heard good arguments for and against. It will be interesting how it turns out.  

On the positive side, several communities have advocates such as the Bensley’s community group, which is part of the Jefferson Davis Association,  the Ettrick Neighbor and Business Association and the Chester Community Association. These groups take on both government issues and community aesthetics.  Civic  associations and homeowners associations are also important advocates for our communities, both through promotion and raising funds for our local underprivileged and providing scholarships for students that might not otherwise be able to attend college.

So once again, honey or vinegar or a little of both? I would sure like some feedback. I’m told to be more positive and other times I am told to go after this or that, and many times I am advocating for an idea that I never considered myself. Dang me, I am at a crossroads. Let me know which way to go or should I mix a little honey with vinegar? A little oil, Dijon mustard with honey and you have some Honey Mustard salad dressing. A little honey can go a long way.


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