CHESTERFEST: Kid’s Zone - the biggerest, funnerist, and the most excitingest everist

This year’s ChesterFest is offering, thanks to the hard work and management of Christian Life Church, the largest and most exciting Kids Zone ever.

It will take 150 volunteers just to man the Fest for kids. Melanie Parker has been organizing the Kid’s since last year’s ChesterFest and has come up with more ideas than time. At the center of the Kid’s Zone will be the Kid’s Zone Big Top, which will have shows and activities all day on the half hour. From a unicycle performance, a ventriloquist act, storytime to a bubble extravaganza, all the while giving out prizes for various games throughout the day.

“As we have been planning it,” Parker said. “All these little details come out that we have to deal with.”

But the church with its massive volunteer list will have no trouble pulling it off.

Surrounding the circus tent will be more fun for the kids and resources for moms, too.  

Christian Life will be offering a petting zoo, carnival games, face painting, inflatables for the little ones and the big kids alike. Parker said one inflatable is an obstacle course that ends with a soft rock climb and a slide.

Moms (or dads) always need a little help if they have a youngster along. The Kid Zone will include a Kids Pit Stop that will include a nurse for first aid, a private area for nursing mothers and a changing table.  There will also be information available about the area including event dates, locations of particular landmarks and general information everyone can use.

The Christian Life Church has been doing smaller versions of the Kids Zone at a number of neighborhoods, including Longmeadow Subdivision, River Forest Apartments, Greenleigh Mobile Home Park and Broadwater Townhomes.

“We have taken the best from every event we’ve done at other places and put them into one for Chesterfest,” Parker said.

The Kid’s Zone will occupy about an acre of space in front of the Chester Library, which has been the location of the Kid’s Zone since 12 years ago when the sign for the kiddy land was lettered with a magic marker.  

This year’s Kid’s Zone is sure to be a memorable one for those who are too small to enjoy the crafts, music or great food.


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