Centralia Station development back on the books

The Centralia Station development is making another trip through the process of approval by the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors. During last week’s Planning Commission meeting Centralia Station LLC requested a new zoning category.

The development would be located with an entrance off of Centralia Road just west of the CSX Railroad tracks.

A single-family residential subdivision with a maximum of twenty-one (21) lots yielding a density of approximately 0.3 dwelling units per acre is planned.

The property, which is in the Bermuda District, is made up of several parcels and this is at least the second time the property has been before the Planning Commission for rezoning and has yet to be approved.

According to the planning staff’s recommendation denial of the case “the application does not mitigate the impacts of this development on necessary capital facilities [schools, public safety, libraries, parks and roads]  thereby not insuring adequate service levels are maintained and protecting the health, safety and welfare of County citizens.

The concerns of the Utilities and Fire Departments have not been adequately addressed. Developing an in-fill parcel for a single-family residential subdivision with wells and septic systems rather than the use of public water and wastewater systems adversely impacts fire protection, water supplies and is not in keeping with more recent area development trends.

The Transportation concerns relative to safe access and road improvements for increased traffic have not been adequately addressed.”

Wellington Farms has been critical of any development adjacent to their development.

Centralia Station offers a large buffer (60 feet) between the proposed development and Wellington. They have also proffered a home size of at least 2,000 square feet.

The entire development is 73.3 acres but only part of it is usable due to wetlands at the rear of the property.

There is public water and sewer available to the property but the developer has decided to use wells and septic systems to serve its potential homes. The utility department has not approved installation of wells and septic for the water and sewer.

In April 2009, the Planning Commission approved a tentative subdivision plat for the property and several residentially zoned parcels along the south side of Centralia Road.

The approved tentative plat consists of ninety-nine (99) lots, and as required by zoning, shows a new public road along the same alignment as the previously planned Hopkins Road extended from Centralia Road to serve the development.

A gated fire access was also approved to the Wellington Farms development.


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