Walkin' in Chester

The Virginia Department of Transportation announced some months ago that after the next resurfacing of West Hundred Road you will likely see bicycle lanes.

After the resurfacing you will now see an upgrade to crosswalks as well.

Bermuda District Supervisor and Board of Supervisor Chair Dorothy Jaeckle worked with a committee several months ago to come up with a plan that would increase safety for walkers and bicyclists.

Recommendations that came out of that committee included the bicycle lanes but also the new crosswalk treatments on West Hundred Road at Osborne and Old Centralia roads as well as Chester Road, Centre Street/Harrowgate Road and Chestertowne Road.

The crosswalks will not only be treated with new long-lasting crosswalk markings but the signals will also be upgraded with pedestrian crossing buttons and walk and don’t walk signs.

According to Barbara Smith at Chesterfield’s transportation department, “Handicap ramps will also be improved.  Construction will begin in January 2014, weather permitting.”

Sidewalks are the big story here. Ms. Jaeckle has become an advocate for a walking community. She, through recommendations by the bike/ped committee, has proposed and obtained funding for miles of sidewalks in Chester.

A continuation of the sidewalk that ends at Cliff Lawn Drive off Osborne Road will be extended to Elwood Lane where it will change from the north side of the street to the south.

The new sidewalk will then continue east past Elmwood Lane and Purdue Lane and end at the retail shops that are part of the Old Winn Dixie shopping center that now features Pietro’s Italian Restaurant. Smith says, right-of-way/easement acquisition is underway and construction will begin March 2014.

Harrowgate Road will also get the pedestrian treatment. In addition to a new traffic/pedestrian light and crosswalk markings, sidewalks will flank the road from Old Hundred Road to School Street.  Survey was recently completed and preliminary engineering is underway. This project is also tentatively scheduled to begin in spring 2014.

On Old Centralia Road surveying work was recently completed for a sidewalk from Castlebury Drive to Glen Oaks Court. Preliminary engineering is underway to extend the existing sidewalk along Old Centralia Road. Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in May 2014.

Jaeckle said this is an exciting project for Chester as people become more health conscience and use area sidewalks to exercise.


Bike lane

I think adding bike lanes is a timely idea. With RVA on the world's stage in 2015 for cycling, this improvent makes good sense. Not to mention, the safety these lanes should provide.

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