Presquile National Wildlife Refuge closed due to Fed gov’t shutdown

The Federal Government will be closed as current funding expired on September 30, 2013.  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is very much aware that any lapse in appropriations imposes hardships on those we serve.  Due to this event, the Presquile  National Wildlife Refuge will be closed to the public.

For programs experiencing a lapse in appropriated funding, only limited functions would continue, such as those necessary to respond to emergencies and to protect human life or property.  While a lapse in appropriations remains in effect, public access to Service properties will be prohibited and fish and wildlife management activities and public programs will be cancelled.

Additionally, all Special Use Permits are temporarily invalid.  The closure includes all environmental education activities with the James River Association Ecology School and access by VCU researchers to the refuge’s Atlantic Sturgeon Research Station.

Additional information is available at and, as well as at, which will contain information about the government’s operating status began onTuesday, October 1, and the days following.


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