Vehicle title lender case goes back to BOS on October 23

The vehicle title loan case for LoanMax will continue on October 23 at the Board of Supervisors meeting. Last month on a motion by Bermuda District Supervisor and Board Chairman Dorothy Jaeckle was deferred or continued until this month.

The Planning Commission approved the Alternative Financial Institutes (AFI) before some residents realized what, they said, are the ramifications of  such a business at a busy intersection in Chester.

LoanMax could be located at the corner of Jefferson Davis Highway and Osborne Road if the zoning change and condition use application is approved.

Bermuda District Planning Commissioner, Dale Patton, called the businesses “garish,” but said they have the same right as anyone else to locate where they want as long as they make a zoning application. He also said that while he doesn’t like them, the state has thrust the law on Chesterfield and the county could face legal ramifications if the AFI cases are not taken seriously.

This paper knows of two votes in opposition of the case, but is unsure about a third, which is required. A resident in the general area of the proposed vehicle title lender has been spreading the news door to door and has convinced a number of people to attend the meeting on October 23 at 6:30 p.m. at the public meeting room on the county complex to voice their opinion or just to show support for those who do speak to the Board.


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