Police Blotter: October 14, 2009

HAMLIN WY 9/26 Glen Oaks. Unknown suspect/s unzipped complainant’s red 1999 Jeep Wrangler. At this time, nothing was reported missing. The vehicle was parked at the complainant’s residence.

LAVELLE RD 9/26 Jessup Place. Property reported stolen from a locked 1995 Chevrolet Caprice. The vehicle was parked at the victim’s residence.

MASON DALE CT 9/26 Mason Woods. During an argument, the suspect cut the victim with a razor.

W HUNDRED RD 9/26 Victim was standing just inside the door when the masked suspect entered, armed with a handgun. The suspect demanded the cash the victim was holding in his hand. Upon taking the cash, the suspect exited the store, headed in the direction of Jefferson Davis Hwy.

WILLIS RD 9/26 Exxon. The store clerk had locked the doors to mop the floors. Upon hearing a noise, the clerk looked up to see the masked suspect, armed with a pistol, pulling on the doors and demanding to be let in. The clerk then ran to the back and called police.

COGBILL RD 9/27 Victim reported that unknown suspect/s forced the rear door open and gained entry to an exterior shed as well. Property was stolen.

CRICKLEWOOD DR 9/27 South Pointe Landing Apartments. Complainant reported the license plates on a vehicle he borrowed were removed.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 9/27 Shady Hill Trailer Park. Property reported stolen from complainant’s unlocked green 1997 Ford Explorer.

SALEM CHURCH RD 9/27 Unlocked blue Dodge Ram 1500 PU entered; at this time, nothing was reported stolen. Vehicle was parked at the victim’s residence.

SARA KAY DR 9/27 Afton. Property reported stolen from victim’s 2001 Toyota Sequoia, which was parked in the victim’s driveway.

CASTLEWOOD RD 9/28 Grindall Creek Park. Unknown suspect was found on the complainant’s school bus when she went to start her bus runs. The complainant then found property missing.

CHANNEL VIEW DR 9/28 Meadowville Landing. Unknown suspect entered the construction area and cut a chain that secured five ladders inside of a garage of a home under construction. The ladders were then stolen from the site.

E RIVER RD 9/28 Ettrick. Victims reported that entry was gained to the residence and cash stolen from a drawer. No other valuables in the house were disturbed. No signs of force were found.

FRIEND AVE 9/28 Entry was gained to the vacant residence through a window where an A/C unit was pulled out. It was unknown at the time of the report whether anything had been stolen.

HYDE PARK DR 9/28 Hyde Park Apartments. Unknown suspect/s opened up and removed some of the initial components of the HVAC unit outside of the building.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 9/28 Shady Hill Trailer Park. Entry was gained to the residence through a rear window and property stolen from inside.

MAYWOOD ST 9/28 Bellmeade. Property reported stolen from school bus, which was parked in the complainant’s driveway.

SOURWOOD LN 9/28 Treemont. Unknown suspect/s entered residential sheds behind two adjacent homes and removed property from both.

STRATHMORE RD 9/28 Parkway Garden Apartments. Victim advised that unknown suspect/s entered his apartment two different times during the timeframe through a front window and removed two computers.

TRAILTOP TR 9/28 Riggers Station. Suspect/s entered the residence through an unlocked rear sliding glass door, then unlatched a kitchen window screen to access the interior of the home. Items were removed from the interior of the home.

WOMACK RD 9/28 Unknown suspect/s broke into the victim’s vehicle by breaking out the small triangle glass on the front passenger door and rummaged through the glove box and a large box in the back seat. It appeared that nothing was stolen.

ALFALFA LN 9/29 Bellwood Maisonette Apartments. Known suspect entered the residence through an unlocked door and removed property from inside.

COGBILL RD 9/29 Unknown suspect/s kicked in the rear door of the residence and ransacked the interior, taking the property with them.

GROVEWOOD RD 9/29 Meadowbrook Manor. Unknown suspect kicked a hole in the side door of the residence in an attempt to gain entry to the interior.

HOPKINS RD 9/29 Wachovia. Female suspect entered the bank and handed the teller a note that demanded money. Upon receiving the cash, the suspect left and fled with the male suspect, who drove their vehicle. Responding officers located the vehicle, taking the suspect into custody.

MEADOWDALE BL 9/29 Bank of America. Victim had just made a withdrawal at the bank’s ATM when the suspect came up along the driver’s side of her vehicle, grabbed the collar of her top, and took the cash from her hand. The suspect then ordered the victim to withdraw more money. Upon getting the cash from the second withdrawal, the suspect walked off.

NILE RD 9/29 Forest Lake. Victim advised, upon returning from out of town, he discovered the safety panels, located behind both the driver and passenger doors of his 2004 Ford F150, had been pried loose in an attempt to gain entry.

SHILOH DR 9/29 Chesswood. Suspect/s entered the victim’s unlocked truck, taking a stereo from inside.

WAREHAM PL 9/29 Afton. Victim discovered property missing from his unlocked vehicle.

CLIFFSIDE DR 9/30 Harbour East Village. Front license plate removed from victim’s Honda Civic, parked at his residence.

ELLIHAM AVE 9/30 Patterson Park. Property reported stolen from the glovebox of the victim’s green 1996 Ford F150.

HOPKINS RD 9/30 Several unlocked vehicles were entered and the property was reported stolen.

PLUM ST 9/30 Chesswood. Property removed from victim’s unlocked GMC Sierra pickup, parked in front of his home.

REEDY BRANCH RD 9/30 Victim returned home to find the pins that hold both of the front garage screens in place were popped loose and the screens half out. No entry gained to the garage.

SALEM CHURCH RD 9/30 One of the suspects exited the suspect vehicle, approached the victim, and demanded the victim’s bike. When the victim refused, the suspect pushed the victim, took the bike, and re-entered the vehicle, which was occupied by the two additional suspects. The vehicle then drove off. Responding officers located the suspects soon afterward.

BEL LAC DR 10/01 Belle Arbor. Locked blue 2005 Toyota 4Runner was entered and the property was reported stolen. The vehicle was parked in front of the victim’s residence.

FIRETHORNE LN 10/01 Kingsland Acres. Unlocked sheds at two addresses entered with property removed. A homeowner at a third address noted a small baker’s rack located outside a rear window had been moved and screen had been bent slightly. No entry was gained to the residence.

HAPPY HILL RD 10/01 Property removed from victim’s unlocked shed.

IRON BRIDGE PZ 10/01 Iron Bridge Plaza. While victim stepped away from her shopping cart, the suspect removed her purse from the cart. The purse was later found in another section of the store with the items missing.

SWINEFORD RD 10/01 Sherbourne Heights. Cash removed from locked residence. No signs of forced entry were noted and no other items were removed.

TIMSBERRY CR 10/01 Broadwater Townhouses. Suspect exited his vehicle and fired shots toward the victim, striking the victim and the nearby residence.


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