Max versus security

Hello and welcome back to the security conscious world of the Dogpound.  I had the opportunity to attend an NFL game the other weekend along with my boss, John and, his fairly new wife, Mindy.  

Just outside the stadium we were stopped by a nice security lady who told Mindy that she could not bring her purse was too big. Mindy proceeded to rummage through her purse to find whatever she thought she needed for the game, and I gave John his ticket so he could take her purse back to the car and join us later.  While she was getting her things...I asked the girl if my little fanny pack was OK. It had my digital camera and small pair of binoculars...she said, no. So I unzipped my pouch and pulled both of them out for her to see.

They are both about as large as a pack of cigarettes and about twice as thick.  I held them up for her to pass judgment and it was still thumbs down…they had to be out of the case.  Oh my! So, I am trying to take the camera and binoculars out of their cases so John could take them back to the car, all the while juggling the tickets, camera, binoculars, and cases. I managed [unnoticed by me] to drop the tickets on the ground. Fortunately, John saw them, picked them up and gave them back to me.  

I put the tickets in my jeans’ pocket, John heads off to the parking lot loaded with all of the prohibited security items, while Mindy and I wander over to the gate to be scanned by security and admitted to the game…at least that was the plan. Just before we entered the line to the gate entrance, I reached for the tickets and they could not be found. They must have fallen out of my pocket when we were juggling things around, so we walked back to where we were initially stopped.

We were hoping the security lady found them...otherwise ...among the crowd of fans...there would be no way to find them. Alas…she did not have them. She told us that if they were found and turned in, we could get new tickets at the ticket office which was on the opposite side of the stadium. We take the long walk and tell our tale of woe to the guy behind the glass. He was nice and helpful, and we were fortunate that John had a real ticket so we could tell the ticket-guy where we were supposed to sit [wonders of the cell phone, since John was still hoofing it back from the car].  We were then told the bad news…since I was given these tickets to use, I was not the purchaser on record, so they could not reprint them.  

However, there was a happy found them or was given to them at one of the other gates, and he was able to print us new tickets. John got back just as we got the new set of tickets and we finally got to our seats only missing the first half of the first quarter...very thankful we could even do that.   Now, it would have been even better if our team had won…after all that effort!

That is a wrap for today.  As always be good, play safe, and remember to use clear one gallon plastic bags for your belongings when you attend an NFL game.

JR and Max


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