The roof over our head

The Lashley family moving saga continues; with the government shutdowns in full swing and the debt ceiling disaster looming, we may very well be staying put. I certainly hope that all of this “unsettledness” (I know that’s not a real word) will calm down soon enough, I don’t like the way our country is going, and it’s not just one party or another; it’s the fact that the entire country has become so polarized.

I can’t stand some of the posts I read on Facebook, Twitter, and what I hear (when I am unashamedly eavesdropping) when I am out in public, it would shock you. We are at war with each other. “Those liberals,” people say with disgust, or “those Republicans,” with equal disdain. We have created the perfect storm in our country; we all hate each other. I am not going to let on to how I personally feel, those of you who know me know where my heart is,  but the point is, it’s scary right now, no matter what “side” you’re on. We have to stand together people, look around you! We live in a military town, look at all of those affected by the government shutdowns right now and it bothers me that so many people just go on about their business like nothing is going on.

I say that our moving saga continues if the debt ceiling is not raised on 10/17, the least of our worries will be putting our house on the market. We (as usual with our luck) picked the worst time to decide to sell our house, of course if they do decide to raise the debt ceiling then, YAY, we will proceed, hold our breath and hope that the government can keep their you-know-what together, long enough for us to sell our sweet, sweet house and buy another one. I am telling you folks, my nerves can’t handle this.

They are already frayed from “de-cluttering” my house. Nine years, and two babies later equals a lot to de-clutter. By the time you read this I will have had my first-ever yard sale which is another nerve-wracking event. As mentioned in my previous column, feel free to give me a hug when you see me out and about, I need one! We are also doing some “face-lifts” to the house, a little fresh paint here, some new dry wall there; you know how it is, your house looks better when you leave than when you first arrived.

I just pray that all turns out well for us and the nation, between the debt ceiling and my own ceiling. It will not just be affecting the roof over my head, but everyone’s.  I want people to take a minute and research before spouting-off about issues and posting things online and fighting about it. I just want people not to fight about it in general, Remember the rule: never talk about religion and politics; let’s try and stick with that.


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