Max and the new puppy

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of the Dogpound.    We have a new puppy.  What Max?  Yes...I know that she is not “technically” our puppy.  She should be since she comes over every day.  I guess I need to backup a bit.  

Our neighbors got a new Golden Retriever puppy and she likes to visit with Max and me when I get home from work.  Oh come on Max, she likes you, too.  Just because I give her treats and scratch her belly is no negative reflection on you.  However, you need to work on your manners.  Yes, you.  She comes up to play with you, and you greet her like a grumpy old man.  

What do I mean? Well, you are like that old man who tolerates the young kids running around and screaming for only so long, then you let them know you have had enough by barking and snarling until the little ones hide in fear of being eaten.  Yes, that is you.  

Now, I must admit, being a puppy, she has a lot to learn about not biting, jumping on you, or chewing on things she should not be chewing on. So I have been loading my pockets with little doggy treats and we have a few training lessons every time she comes around.  She is pretty smart being that we don’t have a lot of time together.  She has learned to sit, lay down and shake hands  (she is ambidextrous). And she does very well with bringing the tennis ball back to me as compared to someone else I know, but she has a lot of work to do on “stay.”  Wonder why? LOL

Speaking of being smart…she really wants to come into the house, which I cannot allow, and I know Max would be very unhappy if she did. I go in and out of the house through the garage and the puppy follows me like a shadow.  So I try to trick her by going out the front door and call for her.  When she comes around to the front porch, I rush back inside and race to the back door to push the garage door button.  Unfortunately, she has figured that routine out very quickly and greets me at the back door before I can even push the button.  I have even given her treats to occupy her time while I go inside and push the garage door button, but she will carry the treat inside the garage, with her, tripping the electric eye that prevents the door from closing.  

So, one option is to just wait her out.  Let her stay in the garage till she gets bored and goes back to her real home.   However, there is a small problem with that approach.  The puppy is very patient; she will stay a long time before going home, which leaves a lot of time to be inquisitive inside a garage that is full of things to get into, drag around, and tear apart.  Not a pretty picture.  LOL

OK...enough about the puppy; Max is about to have a cow about this whole article.  He is indeed jealous.  As always be good, play safe and remember to have patience with the young.  

JR and Max


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