Meadowville grows again – code name Project Bulldog

Project Bulldog sounds like an undercover government program. Project Bulldog is an undercover local government program. In fact, the name of a mega distribution center, almost half the size of the Amazon distribution center at Meadowville, that will be coming to the Meadowville Technology Park in the near future.

At 440,200 square feet, Bulldog, the distribution center, will join Amazon, Capital One and Northrop Grumman at the technology park. The project shown on the site plan is fast tracked and will be in close proximity to the Amazon Fulfillment Center.

The address of the new business is 13000 North Enon Church Rd., but the plans call for the pharmaceutical distribution center to be accessed from inside Meadowville.

While the huge amount of square feet translate into a lot of jobs, only 50 are listed on the site plan information. Only 54 parking spaces are planned.

Once Project Bulldog creeps out into the public, the question will be, “Project Bulldog – will they be making dog food?”

The best investigative inquiries this newspaper could not be answered by public officials, but only be answered by conjecture. But the conjecture that most matches the description of what the distribution center may be is that it will distribute non-prescription medical supplies, such as orthopedic shoes, antiseptics and X-ray imaging equipment.

Just such a company is a sales affiliate of Amazon. A third party seller for Amazon that should be announced by the county in the near future. Unlike eBay, Amazon sellers do not have to maintain separate payment accounts; all payments are handled by Amazon. In June 2010, according to a medical suppliers website, Amazon Seller Product Suggestions was launched (rumored to be internally called “Project Genesis”) to provide more transparency to sellers by recommending specific products to third-party sellers to sell on Amazon.

Could be this medical supply?  Chesterfield’s Economic Development Department held the Amazon Fulfillment Center close to its chest, but it slipped out before the big rollout. It could be why Economic Development has named this one by the code name Project Bulldog. The ground breaking ceremony makes for bigger news.


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