LoanMax threat is a thing of the past

LoanMax, has decided to withdraw its application for a vehicle title loan business in Chester. According to case manager, Ryan Ramsey, county planning staff received a letter on Monday withdrawing the case.

The Board of Supervisors (BOS) approved three of four vehicle title lender businesses in June, which included a TitleMax now located at Breckenridge Shopping Center. Bermuda Supervisor and Board Chairman, Dorothy Jaeckle, deferred or continued the LoanMax application, a free standing (not in a shopping center) lender that offers high-interest loans.

LoanMax, which proposed to locate at Jefferson Davis Highway and Osborne Road, in the former  7-Eleven, had gone through the application process without objection. No one from the public spoke against the local AFIs until last month when Ms. Jaeckle had deferred the case again.

After a number of meetings, word spread through the community in July and an effort to stop LoanMax from locating here, received opposition. Ms. Jaeckle deferred the case 30 additional days, saying she felt that she should give the AFI a chance to work with the leaseholder or make other arrangements, which also allowed the community opposition to grow.

In September many of those in the community attended the BOS and Ms. Jaeckle deferred the case again. She said she would eventually deny the case, but thought she should respect any business applying for rezoning or a conditional use.

The BOS will hear, on Wednesday, Oct. 23, this publication’s issue date, the withdrawal request which should be approved.


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