Halloween screams

Tomorrow night is what I think of as the “kick-off” of the holiday season, Halloween. We have been steadily moving up hill through the summer, the start of school, the first crisp mornings when you feel the chill of the approaching fall and now, it’s here. The time of year where if you don’t take a minute and pay attention, will be over before you know it. After tomorrow night we will drive full speed ahead into Thanksgiving and straight into the Christmas season. It’s all over after that, Christmas Trees, parties, cookies, presents, snow, twinkling lights, excited children. Everywhere you go people have a happy anticipation about them.

But first we have to have the “kick-off.” Our celebratory kick-off will be had with our very dear friends, dinner will be eaten, and while the children will be stuffing their sweet faces, we mothers will be trying to keep them from getting their costumes dirty. We have princesses and superheroes and Dorothy and a zombie this year. Yes, the boy has graduated from “baby” costumes to creepy, scary and downright disgusting. The grosser it is, the better, he really wants a fake brain to attach to his head but, really, I have to draw the line somewhere with this zombie thing. I am not trying to be up all night because his sister is having nightmares.

My sweet little flower is going as Dorothy, the Dorothy, red shoes –Toto and all (we contemplated letting the puppy be Toto, but he’s much too big to fit in the basket). My very talented mother-in-law made her dress and it is just the most darling thing you have ever seen. She will be the cutest thing walking around Halloween night, I can guarantee that. My two are demanding that I dress up this year, I brush them off telling them that I will dress up as a raving lunatic (that’s not a hard costume, I will just go as is), but I think I will come up with something fun this year. I figure it will not be too many more years and they will not want to be seen with me on Halloween, not to mention to want me to dress up with them. I might as well take advantage of them loving and wanting to be around me while I can.

I don’t know what I will dress up as, maybe a book character (nah, too predictable for a Mommy). Maybe a witch, gypsy, teacher; no, those are too easy. I know. I will dress up as Christmas; since it’s just around the corner and this is the start of the holiday season, that is the perfect costume. I can wrap myself in lights, stick wrapping paper all over myself, put fake presents all over and spray myself with the scent of freshly baked cookies…oh, wait, I think I will just end up making me look like the raving lunatic. Happy Halloween Everyone!


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