Meadowbrook Waffle House approved, Walmart exploring

Waffle House seems to be growing in some odd places lately. The only Waffle House, on this side of the county was taken down last year and replaced with Chipotle.

A new Waffle House was built near Chesterfield Courthouse, which opened in 2012, and a second is just about to open on Old Lane, just off of Chester Road near Route 288.

Now Waffle House, a franchise, was considered and passed by the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors (BOS) at 5937 Hopkins Road just south of the intersection of Hopkins and Meadowdale Boulevard. This application is being made by Walter Barineau and Elliot S. Eisenberg, but the franchise will still carry the Waffle House logo.

The case carries only few conditions, mainly buffers. The Planning Commission recommended approval due to the need for new development in the area.

“The requested property is an infill location at an existing commercial intersection that has remained undeveloped for an extended period of time due to several site constraints,” stated the county staff report.

Only one of the three Waffle Houses is corporate owned. WH Capital LLC owns the location on Iron Bridge Road, while the Old Lane location is a Waffle House Inc., restaurant.
Waffle House gives its patrons an old diner experience, and in 2009 celebrated its 25th anniversary.

It is unknown at this time when the project will be completed.


Walmart has not filed rezoning or a site plan for a new store, which could be located on the site of the current Meadowbrook Plaza, but its management, has had talks with the county planning staff.

Meadowbrook Plaza, which was built around 1960, was a vibrant shopping center in the area. It is now anchored by a Big Lots. There are several vacancies, the largest being a former supermarket.

Beechwood Inc., has owned the shopping plaza since its inception, but many people in the community remember the center being built by W.S. Carnes Inc., who still has an office in a building behind the shopping center.

Sitting on 16.77 acres, the Meadowbrook site is slightly smaller than the 19.73 acres in which the Iron Bridge Road Walmart is situated on.

The super-discount store, on Iron Bridge Road is about 200,000 square feet in size or 4.5 acres of interior space.


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