Applauding Forbes’ no vote on debt ceiling

To the Editor:
I applaud Congressman Randy Forbes for his responsible and intrepid “no” vote over last week’s debt ceiling/government shutdown fight. Just like his numerous votes against TARP, last week he showed a resoluteness and understanding of the ramifications of supporting such a measure, that far exceed that of the political pundits and editorial boards that drive our political discourse. Mortgaging America’s future to silence the discontent of a few, is no way to govern and is certainly not the reason we send leaders to Washington. I expect my leaders to make tough choices in tough situations, and I cannot think of one tougher than the one Randy Forbes made. What many people, including those furloughed, do not realize is that a “yes” vote did nothing to solve the crisis at hand - it simply delayed it and guaranteed that those same furloughed workers today, will be faced with even more furloughs and potential job losses in the coming year - furthermore, it added another half trillion dollars to our debt. Forbes’ “no” vote, was a vote that demanded certainty and job security for our civilian defense workers, and guaranteed America’s military would not become a casualty of bad policy.

Al Pianalto