Max repeats himself

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful repeating world of the Dogpound.  Well, let’s just use those famous lyrics that go, ”Oooops! I did it again.”  Yep!  I had another birthday just over a week ago.  Not something I look forward to anymore, not like when I was young.  Remember when you were little and you could not wait to be a year older?  I am four and a half years old; I will be five in two weeks; then it graduates to the great “can’t wait” ages 16, 18, 21 then it all starts to slow down as the big “0s” start getting in the way.  

Anyway, I am at the point that I prefer to see the odometer continue to roll over versus the alternative.  Speaking of “Oooops! I did it again.” I had another episode with my wallet.  That is right, the wallet that has a bad habit of taking off without its master.  Well, it happened again (I repeat myself knowingly).  I know, I know, what can I say.  It was a Sunday morning. Max and I had gone to the store to get the newspaper and after a leisurely breakfast I stopped over at the office to finish off a report that was due Monday morning.  While there, I decided to go to the break room to get a Diet Coke and then I noticed I did not have my wallet with me. No concern, I was sure I left it on the kitchen counter and would retrieve it when I returned home.  

However, while at work, I received a phone call with an invitation to come over for a visit.  So I returned home, changed clothes and hit the road.  Unfortunately, I did not realize that I had forgotten to forage for my billfold before leaving and was left scrapping quarters out of the change box to buy enough gas to get home.  As you have figured out by now, that upon my return, the billfold was not on the kitchen counter.  That little rascal had taken off again.  

I searched the car, and the house several times getting more desperate with each search.  It is too late to run to the store and I feared for the worse, to the point that I started collecting my credit card information in case I needed to start speed dialing.   It was about 10 p.m., exhausted and frustrated that my wallet was AWOL again, when I came upon the idea that I should go back to my office for a final check even though I knew that was where I first discovered that I did not have my wallet.  I pulled in the parking lot, in the same spot I had that morning, then walked slowly up to the front lobby door, keeping an eye out for the wallet.  

I went through the lobby, down the hallway ever watchful, opened my office door, switched on the light and was met with no wallet appearing on the floor or on my desk.  I took a quick glance behind the desk where I sit and there was no wallet to be found.  Out of desperation, I kind of pulled my high-back desk chair out from the computer and gave it a half twist and lo and behold, there was my lost baby on the floor open like a book.  

My only explanation is that it was cool that morning and I wore a jacket in which I had placed my billfold versus in my pants pocket, thus when I sat down it just naturally slid out, backward and downward without a scream, “Help, I am falling!”  Hopefully this will be the last time I have to tell the pack about my wandering wallet, however, the good news is that it does provide plenty of material for an article.  

As always be good, play safe and remember wallets can go rogue on you.  

JR and Max


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