Max likes turkey

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of the Dogpound.  Our company decided to give us turkeys for Thanksgiving, which was a bit of a surprise since they have cut about everything else out, but somehow the traditional turkey giving survived the cut.  

I am sure many turkeys would have loved to have experienced the same thing, but I digress here.  When I first joined the company six years ago, they would give out frozen turkeys at the end of each shift, and management would participate in the handing out the turkeys while thanking the employees for their efforts throughout the year.  

After a few years this evidently became a hassle to participate at the end of all three shifts, so we started getting coupons that you could redeem at the local grocery store.  I actually preferred this method since the greetings in the turkey line were really per functionary  at best, and a coupon allowed you to decide when you wanted the turnkey to occupy one quarter of your refrigerator space. It was an additional plus for me since I donated my turkey to a local church so it could be given to a needy family.  

This year, for some reason, they reverted back to giving us frozen turkeys, but they kind of messed things up a bit.  First, there was no management in sight to offer any kind of holiday greetings…secondly, they gave the office personnel their turkeys at the same time when the first shift ended at 1:30 p.m.  

I am sure you are wondering what do we office folks do with frozen turkeys till quitting time?  Good question.  Well, some of us were able to take the turkey to our car…it was cold out but not that cold, while other turkeys could be spotted behind desk and on cabinets waiting till 5 p.m. for their ride home to the freezer.  I could only imagine what a vendor would think if he walked into our offices that day and spied all of those turkeys lying around defrosting.  He would probably say, “Dang!  All I brought was a box of cookies.  I really need to step up my game.”

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”  Mother Teresa


  • Overheard: The good news is the government is back open for business...bad news is that they are not very good at it.
  • The Canada’s Conservative Party wanting to show their concern for the disabled sent out a brochure “Supporting jobs for all Canadians” featuring the well known wheelchair symbol and  part of the message in Braille dots for the blind. However, the brochure was useless to the blind recipients since the dots were printed on a flat surface.
  • A 52-year-old man was killed in an explosion in Rowan County, Kentucky, when he lit a cigarette while hooked up to an oxygen supply. The man had already survived three explosions under the same circumstances. [When you need a smoke, you just got to have one, I guess.]

That is a wrap for today.  As always be good, play safe, and remember to give from the heart.

JR and Max


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