A sweet tooth encore

Chester’s Dunkin’ Donuts went sour in September, but is once again dishing out its plethora of goodies. The Chester store open last Tuesday though not too many people knew about it.

“Did you see the Dunkin’ Donuts was open again? What happened?” Chester resident Nick Pride asked the Village News staff.

A lawsuit involving Dunkin’ corporate and the former franchise owners took eight months to work out before new management could take over the four locations in the Richmond area.
Charlottesville resident Andy Rod bought the franchise on West Hundred Road and Rod said he would have to find a way to let customers know that the stores are open again.

Stores on Jefferson Davis Highway and on Woods Edge Road in Walthall still remain closed.


Thanks for the information!

We were wondering why the Dunkin' Donuts was closed. Thanks for keeping us informed!

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