What’s the answer?

In what room of a house or apartment will the greatest number of fires start?

Approximately 3.7 out of every 10 fires will begin in the kitchen.

What activity causes the greatest number of fires in homes?

Cooking, especially unattended cooking will cause the greatest number of fires in homes.

What two devices will offer the greatest opportunity for survival in the event of a residential fire?

Smoke alarms and a residential sprinkler system offer the greatest opportunity for survival in a residential fire.

How many smoke alarms are needed in your home?

Building code requires this in new construction, but a smoke alarm is required on each level of your home, except when the areas are divided by doors. If doors exist, then a smoke alarm is needed in each room separated by a door. There needs to be a smoke alarm in each bedroom. There also needs to be a smoke alarm in hallways leading to bedrooms. You can get away with less in older construction, but more are better.

How often should smoke alarms be tested?

Smoke alarms should be tested monthly.

If your clothes catch on fire, what three actions must be taken?

If your clothes ever catch on fire, then you must stop, drop and roll.

If you are in bed and hear your smoke alarm, what must you do?

Roll out of bed, crawl to your door, and check the door with the back of your hand. If the door is hot, keep the door shut, stuff blankets under your door, and decide whether or not you should hang and drop from your window, unless you have a rescue ladder. If your door is not hot, while on your hands and knees, open your door. The smoke may be above you, but you should be able to crawl under the smoke and exit your home.

What should every family have prior to a fire occurring in your home?

Every family should have a practiced home escape plan with a designated special meeting place, prior to a fire occurring in your home.

What must everyone remember once you have escaped from your burning home?

Under every circumstance of escape from a burning home, Get Out & Stay Out!

I want to encourage each of you to sit down with your family and ask these questions. It is my hope that a greater discussion will ensue. I have only touched the surface of things that must be considered in the realm of fire safety. If questions are generated that answers cannot be determined, then send them to me through the website for Chester Village News. I do want to address your concerns in the coming year, so feel free to contact me.


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