Doggie days

Happy New Year! I hope that you all enjoyed the holidays and are now happily anticipating getting back to normal; I know we are at the Lashley house. The children’s lunches are packed and waiting to be put into book bags, and I am happily anticipating the moment the school bell rings, I need our schedule back!

We enjoyed our time off together but now everyone is getting restless, including the latest member of the family, the puppy. Tuck, our lab mix, is now eight months old. He is roughly 60 pounds or so, loves to play outside, chew on sticks, eat everything in sight (that includes a long list of non-edible items), play soccer, sleep and lick the precious flower’s tears when she’s sad (I’m not even kidding). He is a keeper.

Now don’t get me wrong this dog is far from perfect and he and I had a rough patch a few months ago. He would not listen to me at all; he nipped, jumped and ran away from me. The minute anyone “new” walked in the door he was jumping and being extremely obnoxious, I didn’t know what to do.  Thankfully a dear person suggested obedience classes at Pet Smart.
Merry Christmas to the Lashley family, our Tuck was signed up and began obedience training six weeks ago and next week will graduate from the beginner class. He can sit, stay, come when called, leave it, lie down and loose leash walk with the best of them. Does he still freak out if someone new comes over? Yes, but he is a puppy and after a few minutes and getting him to sit he calms right down. Our parents (the ones who had to deal with the obnoxious behavior the most) have all been very impressed at how much better behaved our sweet boy is and so are we.

Dogs really are like children; Tuck is very relaxed when he is home with the four of us. He hangs around the house laying around on his giant dog pillow in front of the fire or chewing a toy in his crate (by choice, with the door open-he can be anti-social at times), but the minute a visitor comes it’s “Look at me, play with me, look at me” just like my children. Out in public he just wants to play with all of the other dogs he sees (again, like my kiddos at the playground), and in the morning when we are making the mad dash with book bags out the door, he is extremely annoying. I recognize this is because he knows we are leaving for the day and doesn’t want us to go, poor buddy.

Tuck is like our third child-he is our third child, just really furry. He is sweet, loving and very slobbery. He hates to get baths, loves to go to Pet Smart and seriously does lick the tears off of the dear girl’s face when she has been crying (it’s gross and sweet at the same time). He is her playmate on rainy days while her brother is still at school and keeps the boy’s feet warm while he reads on chilly evenings. He jumps up and gives me “hugs “every day and loves his daddy more than anyone. He is a good boy and we couldn’t live without him now, dog kisses and all.


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