Meadowbrook High School electives fair give students insight on class options

by Ralph Winfrey

What’s worse than being stuck in a class that you strongly dislike, all year, because it was not what you expected it to be? The electives fair makes this nearly impossible for the students at Meadowbrook. On Jan. 7, Meadowbrook’s seniors gathered in the auxiliary gym to host an electives fair for the underclassmen. During the electives fair underclassmen are able to preview electives before they sign up for them. They are able to talk to and interact with some of the students and teachers of the class. This way they can get a feel for the class and ask questions and receive answers from a student’s point of view. One of the most popular booths was the computer science class. The instructor Mr. Peyton Chichester was very enthusiastic about recruiting new students which led to a very successful elective fair.


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