Flu, flu go away

The flu (ugh), I succumbed once again. For the second year in a row I made sure my little family was vaccinated – was even mean enough to have the children get theirs on Halloween. As they sat there getting “misted” with the flu vaccination, I did have a fleeting thought of “Oh, I need to get one, the flu really sucked last year.” But as all of you know, life got hectic.

Halloween was that very night, so instead of making a note on my calendar to get myself vaccinated, we hopped in the car where the conversation instantly turned into the excited frenzy of the approaching witching hour. Costumes, candy, special treats to take to our friend’s home (because we trick or treat in their neighborhood –kids are easier to herd in a group) were all we were thinking about.

Fast forward and you have Thanksgiving, Christmas, getting ready to go back to school from Christmas break. “I really need to get a flu shot,” I kept saying to myself, only to lose track of that thought and head straight into something else. Packing lunches and book bags, toting the kids to school, making snacks, doing homework, fixing dinner, working – flu what?

Then comes the middle of January, and on a Sunday evening (while watching “Downton Abbey,” yay PBS) I said to my husband, “ I really need to get a flu shot,” he replied, “Yes you do, just go to Walgreens or somewhere tomorrow.” Okay, that was the plan, go to Walgreens and get my flu shot. Didn’t happen, getting the kiddos off to school and blah, blah, you know the rest.  When going to bed that night I noticed a tickle in my throat but thought nothing of it, “I will get my flu shot tomorrow.”

Tomorrow arrived, and guess what, so had our friend the FLU. I woke up to terrible chest congestion and felt a little weird (my scientific description of how I feel with the flu) but kept pushing along. By the afternoon I felt terrible and called a friend who had recently had the flu who confirmed that I sounded terrible. “Go to the doctor, the flu is no joke this year,” they said. I looked at the clock and thought I could probably go, but then didn’t. I know, I am so frustrating – but the precious flower had an unfortunate accident at the very moment the “going to the doctor” thought floated through my head and I had to immediately help her out and get her in the bathtub. After her bath we had to get the boy off of the bus, and so on it went.

The next morning I felt like death – that’s the best way to describe it, pure misery. After struggling to feed, clothe, and get the kiddos out the door and to school I was done. On the way to drop off the boy I called the doctor (hooray). I had not planned on being out in public, just dropping kids off and staying in the car. Thus, my outfit of choice was slightly interesting. I had on the dreaded hot pink CROCs that have seen better days with blue socks, and you don’t want to know the rest.

I arrived at Chester Family Medcare where they tortured me, I mean swabbed my nasal passage for the dreaded flu. “Positive;” and I was on my way to Target to wait for my TamiFlu prescription. That was disastrous. Any energy I had was gone at this point, and every breath I took and every cough I coughed (in my elbow folks), I knew I was just spreading this viciousness to everyone. I cried as I realized I had to go pick up my daughter (love preschool getting out at 1 p.m.) and left the pharmacy. After picking up the flower and getting home, the most wonderful man on earth took off of work and I don’t remember anything else for two days.

Now, I am on the last day of TamiFlu (which makes me feel weird too). I feel like I just have a little cold at this point and the FLU has once again vacated the house. Thankfully, all other parties involved were vaccinated and have shown no signs of contracting it from me.  So, with that being said, if you have not gotten a flu shot – go get one!


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