YOUR BUSINESS COMMUNITY: A culture of compassion leads to exceptional care

Early in the morning, nurses at Cardiac Connection busily prepare for their day in the field. They pack their bags with appropriate medicines and supplies they will need to treat their patients for the day. They have to be ready for anything because these aren’t your typical nurses within the comfort of a their doctor’s office, these nurses come to you in the comfort of your home and provide comprehensive care after surgery, major or minor, and almost any illness.

“We are on call 24/7 and we treat patients with all sorts of illnesses,” said Zainab Dumbuya (Zee), CEO of Cardiac Connections. “We always have to be ready for anything because our patients are being released from the hospital and they are still very sick.”

Cardiac Connection’s preparedness has led to a high rate of successful rehabilitations. Of the 400-plus patients Cardiac Connection nurses have treated, zero have been readmitted for the illness they have treated. According to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the national readmission rate is about 13 percent.

Dumbuya attributes much of their success to their experience. The Cardiac Connection is operated by a group of nurses with a total of 100 years experience in critical care. They have a strong understanding of what signs to look for when a patient might need a different approach to treatment.  But that’s not all Cardiac Connection nurses provide. Cardiac Connection has created a culture of compassion and accountability with a holistic approach.  

“We treat every patient like family and love them regardless of their background,” said Dumbuya. “It’s not just a job to us. We have created an environment for all of us to grow.”

The positive attitude and compassion that Dumbuya radiates is exactly what attracted office manager Niki Lee to join Cardiac Connection. Ms. Lee met Dumbuya when her father came home from surgery after having several tumors removed. They arrived home late at night, days before Christmas last year and were surprised to see two Cardiac Connection nurses waiting for them.

“It was almost 1 a.m. when we made it home from the hospital; Zee and Tina were there waiting for us,” said Lee. “I couldn’t believe it, and what is more amazing, they left their Christmas party to care for my dad.”

And that kind of service continued throughout Lee’s father’s treatment.

“Zee was here Christmas morning caring for my dad, she really puts her all into every patient” said Lee. “With my dad she encouraged him and celebrated every little victory and built a relationship with my family.”

Lee’s story isn’t unique at Cardiac Connection. Several stories surround the quality of treatment Cardiac Connection provides. Their quality is rooted in each nurse’s compassion for their patients and the nurses who have come together and succeeded in creating a culture of care that allows for successful rehabilitation.

“Cardiac Connection is a part of God’s plan,” said Dumbuya. “It’s meant to be; all the pieces of the puzzle have come together.”

For more information about Cardiac Connection go to or call 1-888-255-8626


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