Max hanging around

Hello and welcome back again to the wonderful and dangerous world of the Dogpound.  If you remember, last year I had an incident with snow getting into the attic over my garage, causing part of the ceiling to collapse.  

Ever since, I have tried to keep an eye on the area to see if I could determine how snow managed to get in there in the first place.  So, this weekend I got ambitious and decided to get the ladder and take a look.  

The ladder I own requires me to stand on the very top in order for me to see far enough into the attic to determine if there is any white stuff where it does not belong.  This time I had a nine foot ladder to use; the builder who repaired my ceiling had left it in my garage.  This allowed me to easily get into the attic without standing on my toes, but this ladder is made with very thin material and is a bit unstable as ladders go.  

I get up on the ladder, push the attic lid aside, and stick my head into the attic space.  I am facing at a right angle to the direction I want to shine the flashlight, so I start to twist a bit to the left and while shuffling my feet around to get a better angle, the ladder decides it is going to move in the opposite direction.  My first thought was to make sure I had a secure hold on to something before I tried to stabilize the ladder with my feet.  I dropped the flashlight into the attic crawl space and placed both hands on the cross beam.  

This took only a fraction of a second, but it was long enough to keep me from catching the falling ladder with my feet.  So there I was left hanging from the ceiling…literally…pondering what would be my next move.  My options obviously were limited. I had to fall to the floor and somehow miss the fallen ladder, while at the same time try to avoid breaking anything  on my body.  Now this would be maybe a three-to-four foot drop; in my younger days that would probably be a piece of cake, but being much older and this being an unforgiving concrete floor, this could be a very dangerous situation.  I figured out where the best place would be to drop without hitting the ladder, reminding myself that I had to land relaxed and roll with the fall.  I took a deep breath, dropped, hit, and rolled on my back.  My guardian angel was definitely watching over me.

I landed safely without even a bruise to show for my efforts.   I kind of felt like jumping up, arms outstretched over my head, and shouting “Ta-Da,” but I felt maybe that would be pushing my luck a bit.  Anyway, at least I kind of have an idea what a bat feels like...only in reverse. LOL  PS: Kids at home…do not try this stunt…ever!

That is a wrap.  As always, be good, play safe and remember, if you want to just hang around, try not to do it from a joist beam.  

JR and Max


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