Matoaca brains in Final Four

The Matoaca Academic Team has become a force to be recognized this school year, posting the best finish in school history and therefore advancing to the Final Four of CBS 6 Battle of the Brains Competition.

Composed of four outstanding seniors who have shown dedication and determination in their academic endeavors, they each aspire to high goals and careers in the medicine or engineering. Team members include Sohum Bhatt, Daniel Henry, Daniel Marzolf and Zachary Zumbo.  

Coached by Social Studies teacher Andrew Heare, to date the team has defeated Cosby 260-110, St. Christopher 205-125, and Trinity 220-155 to earn a place in the Final Four. The team will face-off with either New Kent or Collegiate on Monday, March 24, for a trip to the final match. Sohum Bhatt was named an all-star and will also appear on the final match of the season, which is an all-star game with top scorers from all schools participating. Previously played matches will air on CBS 6 on Saturdays at 10 a.m. on March 22 and May 3.


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