Matoaca High Impact wins Grand Champion in overall division

By Josh Ledo

The recent record breaking snow in local Virginia has been a major setback in people’s everyday schedules, but it sure didn’t stop Matoaca Show Choir, High Impact, from reaching their goals.

With the large amount of snow and ice, rehearsals and premieres that the group needed before an up coming out of state competition were cancelled, creating a hitch in their readiness. But last minute, the group got the chance to rehearse and prepare their show, giving them the preparation they would need.

“With these major setbacks in the past couple of weeks, I am extremely proud of the hard work and dedication this group has put forth,” said Female Dance Captain, Tatum McKay. “I could not be more proud to be a part of this amazing group.”

Every year, High Impact travels north to Ohio, a state that is very big on show choir, to compete against multiple show choir groups. Unlike most typical High Impact members, the competing groups include kids that have been raised and bred to sing and dance at a young age. As for High Impact members, most are usually intermediate to singing and dancing, while some are completely new to it. As this might seem to be another setback to the group, the outstanding coaching and hard work put forth by Director Brad Berkley, assists the group in striving and achieving success in local and out of state competitions.

“Berkley is the number one contributor to any success we come through,” said Male Dance Captain, Kaetwan Crenshaw. “He is not only a great teacher but a great person overall that teaches us values as individuals outside of show choir.”  

In this recent annual Ohio competition, High Impact performed and won the hearts of many through their show by expressing that we should always celebrate life no matter what obstacles get in the way. This performance won Grand Champion in their overall division, while also making and then placing Third in the finals against big division groups.

High Impact is continuing to strive and get better, and looks forward to upcoming competitions to do what they do the best, perform with heart. All of these achievements and setbacks that they faced are what High Impact’s ballad, “Roads” by Chris Mann, is all about. That there are roads in the life that we all travel. That there are scars and there are battles. But through it all, they will always lead us home.


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