Max tries something new

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of the Dogpound where we are always interested in trying new things.  My dentist…actually the lady that cleans my teeth is always on my case about flossing and of late wanted me to start using a water pic.  I finally gave in and bought one and it sat nicely on my bathroom counter for weeks or was it months? Anyway, one evening I thought I would give it a try.  So I fill the container with warm water, stick it in my mouth and push the ON button. Oh my goodness!  

First my mouth fills up with water and I almost choke, spraying the water into the sink and the surrounding area.  I kind of get the hang of letting the water dribble out of my mouth, but occasionally let it build up which resulted in another spraying incident.  That was not the worst of it.  Oh no!  I made the first pass on the front of the teeth and now I am ready to get behind the upper teeth.  Do you know that you can actually get water coming out your nose when you try that?!  Which results in more gagging and spraying. Not good.  

Also did you know that you can spray the whole bathroom mirror trying to get up and behind your teeth?  You can. I get the pick up there and half the water, if not going up my nose, would shoot out of my mouth like a geyser that would make Old Faithful jealous.  I really do not know if I got my teeth clean but I do know the bathroom got a good washing down.  The dentist assistant will be so proud of me.

“Adventure is what happens when you just did something stupid.”   – Professor Bernie

Bob was talking to his young grandson about people in the Bible. During the conversation he told his grandson that Methuselah lived to be 969 years old, which is older than anyone else has ever lived. His grandson thought about this fact for a second and then asked, “Pawpaw, did you know him?”


  • Overheard. “Yea, we both enjoy our unconventional marriage.” Oh yea? What is an unconventional marriage?” We are both happy!”
  • Two barbershops were located across the street from each other and were constantly competing for customers. One day, one of the shops put a sign up in his window that read, “Special this week.  Haircuts only $4.”  An hour later the other shop puts up a big sign that reads, “We repair $4 haircuts.”
  • I just read a new report by a large medical research study that concluded that inactivity can kill you. These kinds of research findings must scare the heck out of our Congressmen and women.

That is a wrap and trust me, I am not rushing off to try that water pic again.  That thing really scares the heck out of me!  As always, be good, play safe, and remember to take good care of your teeth.

JR and Max


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