So over snow and winter

I am so over winter. I am so over snow. I want bright, warm, sunny days like this past weekend. My tulips are coming up and my daffodils are blooming-then the snow. I wish Mother Nature would make up her mind.

As I write this, it is the first Monday in March. My mantra to get through the doldrums of January and February is “March is almost here,” knowing full well that as March blows in like a lion I will need to change the mantra to “It’s almost April,”  We trick ourselves into thinking that spring really arrives in March; we get days like yesterday (Sunday) that are 74 degrees and full of sunshine. We point our faces to the sky and bask in the warmth of the sun. The husband and I took the children and the dog to walk the trail at Point of Rocks the weekend before last and we were languishing in the warm air, eating a picnic and looking for signs of anything green on our trail walk just yesterday at Henricus. March teases us.

Yesterday, no jackets, sleeves pushed up-relishing in the glory of warm balmy air, a bright blue sky and sunshine. Today, sleet, snow and my kids are home from school again. I want to whine and complain just like my four-year-old. I want to stomp my feet and raise my fist and DEMAND spring. Spring is hopeful, full of promise-a sweet, tender transition into summer. I love spring. I am sick to death of brown lawns and brown trees and brown everything. I want the color back in my life. I want yellow forsythia, purple and red and orange tulips. I want daffodils and to hear the robins singing. I want pastels and warm air and the windows open.

Can you tell I am done with winter? My kiddos are desperate to play outside without the cumbersome coats, mittens, and hats. Sidewalk chalk and bubbles and picnics-oh my. My two sweet babies are even sick of the wet, cold snow. We have had our time of playing in it, trying to make snow balls, snow men and snow angels. They quickly got over the fascination with the snow. The only reason they look forward to it now is with the hope of having no school to go along with it.

We can all hold out hope that in just a few short weeks we will have our spring-prize for surviving such a cold and dreary winter. And then, just like that it will be summer and by the end of July I will be desperate for the bite in the air that October brings. I’m like Goldie Locks – I don’t want it too hot or too cold, I need it to be just right.

Until then folks – let’s just pray we don’t have any more snows in March and that spring will be here before we know it.


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