Some county fees may increase

While Chesterfield County is expecting about $15 million in new growth – just like the cost of food; state mandates, transfers to county schools and revitalization, among others, have pushed Chesterfield to an estimated $12.8 million shortfall, which includes schools.

This budget shortfall and totals are being advertised, but a public hearing on tax rates and fees will take place on March 26, at 6:30 p.m. in the public meeting room at Iron Bridge and Lori roads.

Schools have a shortfall of about $5.2 million in operating capital, and a total shortfall of about $7 million.

Utility fees will increase slightly. Currently water fees are $1.49 per CCF (one-hundred cubic foot) and sewer fees are $1.78. The rates will increase to $1.59 and $1.94 respectively. According to Chesterfield’s utility department the combined water/sewer fees translate, for the average bi-monthly bill, to a $5.04 on an average 18 CCF bill.

Service fees for emergency ambulance transport will increase to a proposed $465 from a current $394 for basic life support; proposed $552 from a current $468 for advanced life support 1; $677 to $799 for advanced life support 2 and a proposed charge of $10 a mile from a current $9.60.

Vehicle registration fees could increase from $20 to $30 if the Board approves; motorcycles from $10 to $15 and trailers from $6.50 to $10.

“[The] fees, you can’t just leave them, you’ve got to continue to monitor them,” said Chairman and Dale District Supervisor, Jim Holland, “We have to be an honest and upfront government.”

The Board will consider the enactment, of a Chesterfield County Stormwater Service District No. 1, to provide a stormwater management program that will enhance public safety, public convenience, and public well-being within the service district. It will cost taxpayers 1.9 percent of their home value per year.

The Board of Supervisors officially adopts the operating and capital budgets, fixes tax rates, and adopts the appropriations resolution, and appropriates School funds in April.


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