Ten great years

Ten years, it seems like a long time, but in reality you better not blink. Ten years ago on the first day of spring, I married the most wonderful man on earth. My love, my best friend – he is my everything; I honestly don’t know who else would have put up with me for ten years. He has given me the happiest life, full of love and a lot of laughter. We have two beautiful children and he puts up with our sweet, yet annoying puppy (who loves him the most). As I have said time and time again he really is the most wonderful man on earth.

This weekend we celebrated a big anniversary. The kiddos were shipped off to their grandparent’s house and Mommy and Daddy were ready to relax and enjoy each other’s company. We had the best day planned. My sweetheart had won free tickets to the re-opening of the IMAX at the Science Museum and after that we planned to stroll through Carytown. We were excited, no kids to whine and complain about anything (not that we didn’t miss the little darlings); just us.

As we were making our way into Richmond, the sky, a brilliant blue, and a breeze holding the promise of spring blowing the cold away, we heard a loud noise. As we both looked at each other, minutes from the Downtown Expressway, we realized that the most inconvenient thing that could happen just occurred. We had blown a tire. As we pulled over to the shoulder, semi-trucks barreling past us at top speeds I thought to myself, “Of course this has happened, we are cursed.”

The thought was cemented when my wonderful husband pulled the jack out of the trunk only to realize it was corroded beyond use. I wanted to cry. My only hope was out of town (my best bud’s anniversary is the day before ours) celebrating her love, I didn’t know what to do. I made two other calls with no luck. I was about to lose it when it dawned on me to call one more person.

Our dear friend, Larry, probably wished he never answered the phone, but thank goodness he did. As I said why I was calling, he didn’t even hesitate, “I will be there in 20 minutes.” he said. Eighteen minutes later he was pulling up behind us on the interstate. After he arrived, my husband managed to replace the tire with the spare within 10 minutes and we were on our way back to Chester, Larry following behind us. What would we do without kind, generous souls like Larry Madison? I guess we would still be stuck on the side of the road.

So, back home we went. We switched vehicles and started our journey again.  We ended up missing our free IMAX movie but that didn’t matter, we were together and child-free. We enjoyed margaritas in the middle of the day and delighted in the beautiful day on our walk around Carytown. We went in every store that struck our fancy, it was perfect. We were able to re-connect; I don’t remember the last time we were able to spend the entire day together doing exactly what we wanted to; no errands, and no chores, no you-know-who’s (those two cutie pies).

Despite the rough start to the day, it turned into a perfect anniversary celebration. I am so very lucky to have married my best friend; he makes me laugh every day. He is the most wonderful father to our children and treats me like a queen on a daily basis. I love you, Brian Lashley, happy 10th anniversary. May we have 60 more!


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