Author shares work with Ettrick students

On Tuesday, March 25, 2014, author, Betty Shepard, visited the fourth and fifth grade students of Ettrick Elementary School.  Mrs. Shepard wrote a book called, “Virginia:  An Alphabetical Journey Through History.”  Mrs. Shepard shared with fourth grade students important facts about Virginia History as they prepare to take their Virginia Studies SOL in May.  

Mrs. Shepard has written a book specifically for children to be able to read and learn about Virginia history.  When Mrs. Shepard met with the fifth-grade students, she shared with them the details of what it took to write, edit, submit and publish a book.  She described the many times that she wrote and rewrote her book and shared with them her editing notes.  She then brought the pages and showed the process of how the book was printed one color at a time and each color that was added changed the final product.  This will be an encouragement to the fifth grade students who will be taking their writing SOLs next week.

Mrs. Shepard was a very kind and generous  with her time.  Students were able to purchase her beautifully illustrated hardcover book prior to her arrival that day.  She then inscribed and signed every copy for each child who had purchased a book.  Communities In Schools coordinator, Kimberly Reynolds, was able to purchase two copies of the book for each class that will stay in the grade level libraries through the use of CIS grant funds.  Mrs. Shepard inscribed and signed those copies as well.

It was a fascinating learning experience for the students, and thanks to Mrs. Shepard, it will encourage students to consider becoming historians and/or writers.


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