Libraries could allow alcohol to be served at events

In order for the Chesterfield County Libraries to entice more rentals for public meeting rooms and at public events, a public hearing has been set for April 23, to amend the county code relating to adding County libraries to the list of County facilities where alcohol could be served.

According to a County staff report, currently alcohol can be served at events at County parks and certain other specified County facilities if the event is approved by the County and a permit for the event is issued by the Virginia Department of Alcohol Beverage Control.

The Friends of the Library organization has contacted the County asking whether they can hold two wine and cheese receptions at County libraries, one on May 22 at the Meadowdale Library and one on December 12 at the Central Library.

County Code already provides that, with Board and ABC approval, alcohol can be served in County facilities in the “Courthouse Complex” which includes the Central Library. That does not include Meadowdale Library or any other County library as facilities where alcohol could be served at an event. In order to add Meadowdale or other libraries to the list of facilities where alcohol could be served, County code must be amended and a public hearing held.

The only Board meeting prior to the proposed May 22 Meadowdale Library event is the April 23 regular Supervisor’s meeting.

The Board voted to hold a public hearing to get public opinion on whether or not Meadowdale Library and/or other library facilities should be added to the list of permissible areas.


Why not?

Sounds like a good idea since each event needs to get approval from the board and ABC anyway.

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