EAGLE: Scout stabalizes livestock shelter

Did you know that the Chesterfield County Animal Shelter takes in livestock?  They do. They have a small livestock shelter for all temporary housing for all types of livestock from pigs to horses. They have even sheltered llamas there for a short period of time.  The livestock shelter area had an erosion problem which was starting to make the area unsafe for the animals.

When Life Scout Eric Wilhelm discovered the Animal Shelter needed some help, he decided to make the livestock shelter his Boy Scout Eagle Leadership project. On April 26, thanks to the generous donations of J.B. Mulch in Chester, and Siewers Lumber in Richmond, as well as friends and family.  

Eric and his 25 volunteers were able to raise the floor level of the livestock shelter by several inches. This area had been washed away and stayed wet and damp for extended periods of time.  They installed a gutter and spread gravel around the shelter to prevent further erosion. Two eight-foot benches were built and painted for visitors to sit on.  Shelves were added inside the shelter in order to store the new water bowls and feeding troughs Eric was able to obtain.

New wood chips for the floor and a new manure fork to help “clean up” after the animals were provided to the shelter. Only non-toxic wood and paint were used during the project in the event an animal decides to chew on something.  Eric said the worst part of the project was the building up of the shelter floor.

Due to heavy rains the night before, the floor was so muddy that his volunteers were sinking into the ground as they were adding the additional dirt. Once freed, a pound of mud would be stuck to the volunteers’ shoes.  Eric is currently a junior at L.C. Bird High School and is a member of Troop 2880 chartered by Beulah Methodist Church.


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