Sisterly spitfire

Girls, “sugar and spice and everything nice” –right?   While she surely has enough of the “everything nice,” I think my sweet girl may have gotten an extra dose of the spice. You see, my sweet, innocent little flower has become quite the spitfire lately. While her brother broods underneath his too long hair (tween problems), she is giving me a run for my money.

I will give you some examples, and mind you this all happened just in the last week (yes, you can feel sympathy for me).  Last week, her brooding brother came running down the stairs, a fistful of brown curls in his hands. “Daddy, Daddy” he says looking at my husband, thrusting out his hands as though he was offering up a sacrificial handful of beautiful hair. I turned to look at what was going on and rushed over, grabbing up the hair and immediately began investigating to see if this was doll hair or worse, his sisters.
Yep, it was worse. My sweet, darling girl had gotten a hold of some “child-friendly” scissors and decided that instead of getting a headband to push back unruly curls out of her face, she would just cut them. We now have a very big chunk of hair missing, right in the front and just in time for recital pictures.

The same week I walk into my kitchen only to find Miss Priss sitting on our stairs with a bottle of glue. After demanding to know why the glue was going upstairs (where it does not belong, neither do scissors) I was given this answer, “I glued a tiara onto Be Be’s nutcracker.” Oh my Lord, she had glued a tiara onto one of her brother’s collectible Nutcrackers; great.

So, not only had she cut her own hair and glued a tiara onto a collectible, she then decided that she was not going to wear ANYTHING other than her new hot pink and yellow swimsuit. She would wake in the morning and put it on and only after much arguing would finally dress for school, sans swimsuit.  However, the minute we got home the swimsuit would be put back on. Oh, the drama. See what I mean about the extra dose of spice?

She is perfect in every way; I love her no-nonsense attitude that has developed rapidly at the age of four. Her crazy hair matches her personality-unruly. She is very tenderhearted and sweet but Lord help you if you cross her in any way. She is a spitfire; my spitfire and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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