Big Kicks for the Monarchs

The field goal was part of a contest sponsored by Priority Toyota, which promised a $5,000 scholarship to any student who could kick a field goal into a truck waiting beyond the goalpost, and a Dell computer for both student and school as second place. Avilia, a soccer player, served as representative for the Meadowbrook girls, while fellow soccer player Terrance Elly, who failed to make the goal, served as the boys’ representative. Spanish teacher and soccer coach Justin Beck will receive $250 for his program, thanks to his own field goal.

It was a game of successes for the entire Meadowbrook team, as not only did the Monarchs trounce the Dinwiddie Giants 56-17, but the school’s athletic department received $100 per touchdown from Priority Toyota. The stunning victory thrilled the overflow crowd, which had anticipated a reversal of last year’s 49-48 victory, only to see the Monarchs put away a close game with a 36-point run that turned a 14-10 game into a 50-10 rout

Andre Coble, leading the offense, displayed quick feet and a strong arm, aided by acrobatic catches from Devon Lloyd and KeVon Wright. Tailback Domico Phillips was an elusive target for the Giants, accounting for 200 yards of total offense and scoring five touchdowns.

Meadowbrook’s defense, led by linebacker Tevin Hanley, Dominique Roane, and DeQuan Chatmon, helped set up much of the offense for the Monarchs. Dinwiddie’s 6’5”, 225-pound Chris Hall, arguably the finest quarterback in central Virginia, spent much of the evening running for his life.  The play that most characterized his evening was an intentional grounding call in the end zone resulting in a safety for Meadowbrook.

Trying to avoid looking ahead, Coble proclaimed that the Monarchs are treating each Friday as the State Championship game.  Huge games with Matoaca and Dale still remain for the team that won the 2004 state title, but have been eliminated in regional play three of the last four years.

The Monarchs take to the field on Friday at Prince George High at 7 p.m.


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