Max with the good and the bad, part II

Hello and welcome back to the second chapter of the thrilling “the good and the bad, and the good” in the Dogpound.  In my last article, which I hope you read because the rest of this article will not make much sense if you did not, I am stranded at the post office on a late Friday afternoon. Despite our best efforts, my car would not jump-start, so I finally gave my local mechanic a call in the hopes they had not closed shop for the day.  

They were still open for a bit and my friend took me out to the shop which was only a few miles down the road (one advantage of living in a small town, everything is only a few minutes away).  I explained my situation and the owner sent one of his mechanics back with me to see if they could get the starter, to work just enough to get the car back to the shop.  That also failed.  

The owner was able to locate a starter but they could not have it until Saturday morning.  My fellow worker had to get home, so I caught a ride with one of the mechanics who lived just a mile down the road from where I lived.  

They got the starter and finished before noon on Saturday so I could make my appointment at the Honda dealership, which incidentally, was one of the items that I had planned to have them check on along with my CD player not working.  So here is the recap: starting with the bad, the car will not start and I am stranded on a Friday afternoon after work; the only person at work who I had their cell phone number with me, was still there when I called, good thing. Then, the bad was the car would not start with the jumper cables. Good news, the local shop was still open and I was able to get home and get my car fixed the next day.  

Oh, one last thing, usually my Honda appointment on Saturday is at 8 a.m. when they first open up since I have to wait for my car while they work on it. This time, they could not get me in until 1 p.m., which in this case left me enough time to get the starter replaced and still make my appointed rounds.  Oh my! Talk about Karma!

OK, enough of the good and the bad, and the good; kind of makes your head hurt doesn’t it? LOL Anyway, and as always, be good, play safe and remember, Karma does exist.  

JR and Max


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