Disgusted by the VA’s accountability

To the Editor:
Perhaps our blood pressures would benefit, when we read or watch the news, if we were apathetic and uninformed about daily events.  Although the majority of the news media has become very limp and not too interested in reporting all facts about national scandals and/or problems facing the country (Unemployment, terrorism, IRS, ridiculous Health care plan, Bengasi, NSA, unrealistic immigration policies, and the constant lying coming from D.C., etc.). Now we’re hit with these outrageous Veterans Administration’s horrors – even before I can finish this letter more shameful treatment is being reported. This news shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise—remember Walter Reed a few years ago, or the many stories of younger Vets from current/recent wars not getting  proper or timely care? I’m not critical of all Veteran Affairs employees.

I’ve talked with people who’ve had good care at McGuire Hospital, and we assume most are hard working, caring people, very dedicated and serve veterans with dignity and respect.  But it appears many across the nation seem to be corrupt and it’s casting a big shadow.  

When the Navy sent me to Vietnam in 1969, we were anxious and apprehensive about that coming year. One thing we knew – that our shipmates always had each other’s back. Now, who has our back? Every kind of illness and injury possible, mental conditions, Agent Orange medical issues, lost limbs, and death follow wars. Yet some VA personnel don’t give a Rat’s tooth, about America’s commitment to her Veterans.  As long as they look good and get some kind of $$ bonus $$, everything is just fine! Someone needs to go to jail very quickly. Just writing this makes your blood boil.

We send billions around the world every month. Why? I think a vast amount of that money should be used here at home; back to the individual states for education, good and workable health care for every citizen,  infrastructure,  and fixing the VA, if possible. I understand, money didn’t solve everything, we also need quality people, except nobody in DC knows how to handle money, certainly not our do- nothing congress – who by the way has very little, if any, leadership. These politicians – both parties – might be our biggest problem.  I’m of the opinion that many in both parties have lost interest in American values, it seems everything they do and say is directly proportional to their next election. Feed the good old party Donkeys and your Elephants, keep their agendas well nourished, and to hell with the American Eagle holding our Constitution.

You folks reading this, think about something. If the horror stories concerning the VA upset you, what’s going to happen when the government gets total control of this stupid healthcare scheme in several years?  God only knows how many Vets waited for appointments, only ending up killed by “our” VA. Vietnam was one of the defining events of my “Boomer” generation. Over 56,000 of my brothers and sisters died over there and I can’t conceive the total suffering. As is in all wars, the GI comes home in one of three ways: walks off a ship or plane, carried off on a stretcher or lugged off in a flag draped coffin. That War affected millions of Vets and families in one way or another; planning for their futures, deciding their patriotic duty (draft in the ’60s), death from wounds/injuries and illnesses, suicides, divorces, educations, lost limbs and disabilities,  even the future family tree! This list could go on and on. What is really heartbreaking about these ageing G. I.’s and our present consequences, as related to Vietnam, those who came home unharmed now need medical care. But some have lost their private insurances; now face a very questionable future at VA. Also the manner in which the stinking politicians “controlled” that war, it turned into a huge mistake, or had very little to do with American security. Yet I’m proud of the commitments, sacrifices and work that 99 percent of G.I.’s did. I know that statement sounds somewhat like a two-faced dichotomy. But I have a notion many of y’all older folks will agree and know exactly what I’m talking about.  Now we’re older and need the support of a VA system that is supposed to care about us, and it’s a disaster. In spite making these cynical comments, I thank God every day, and am proud that when my parents gave birth to me, they lived in Chesterfield County, Va., United States of America!      

Tom Tennille