Gray fails to connect the dots

To the Editor:
I was unimpressed by Rick Gray’s opinion piece, “Dumbing down conservatism.”  He obviously fancies himself a deep thinker.  Intentionally or not, he fails to connect the dots.  It is much simpler than his convoluted attempt to smear President Reagan.

Marxists and other left-wing loonies are currently in control of the staffs of most colleges and universities.  This, resulted from infiltration, started mainly in the 1960s. Years of incestuous hirings and promotions by these people followed.  In the tradition of left-wing totalitarianism they have done their best to stamp out any views different from their own.  After fifty years of this, it isn’t that hard to figure out the cause of what Rick calls a lack of intellectual conservatism.

Rick’s President Reagan postulate just doesn’t fly.  His negative comments about conservatism and its advocates are also largely lacking in merit.

I have no doubt that in the long-term history will treat President Reagan far more kindly than the pseudo-intellectual clown circus performing daily in today’s White House.

Bill Busby