Max and computers

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound where there is joy in the air.  Yes, I have my baby back home where she belongs.  No, not you Max, you are already home. I am talking about my laptop.  

The on and off button bit the dust...of all things, and  after a week without my buddy and $75 later, we are back together where we belong.  

I don’t have a smart phone,  so my only Internet fix  late at night was to sneak back to my office at work, and that just seems so wrong in so many ways.   

So it is very nice to once again sit here in my own chair with Max at my side with no fear of the boss-man sticking his nose into my office while I am “surfing the net.”  

Anyway, speaking of computers and Internets, I was cleaning out my basement, yes, again, I have a lot of stuff in my basement, I found my old and first computer.  An old Dell computer with the tower and a “takes two hands to lift it” terminal.  I bought it in 1998.  I remember ordering it over the phone…you got to build the computer your way,  and they shipped it to your door.  I was amazed since they shipped each unit from a different location...the tower came from one place, the terminal from another, etc., and they all arrived within a day of each other.  I also remember just having a dial-up connection…not too bad on text but down loading a picture was troublesome.

It took so much time you could go make yourself a sandwich and grab a cold one and return to your desk before the printing had completed.  I took it to the salvage/recycle yard…but first I took a picture of it along side my current laptop just as a reminder as to how far we have come in a relatively short period of time and, of course, this does not even begin to account for all of the smart phones and iPads.  Imagine another 15 years, oh my!  Star Trek here we come!

“A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.”  
     – Emo Phillips

My boss came into my office today and told me he was sending me to anger management class. I told him I did not understand that...I seldom lost my anger. He said, “You have the wrong idea. I want you to go to anger class management so you can learn to stop making me lose my temper.”  

Got to go and let my laptop get a good night’s sleep.  As always be good, play safe and remember that technology is a good thing.  

JR and Max


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