Two more buildings planned for Meadowville Tech Park

There are at least two fast-tracked Phillip Morris/Altria buildings in the planning stages at Meadowville Technology Park, according to Richmond

A fast-track project is a site-plan/building permit that moves through the building review process as fast as the county can push it.

The warehouse buildings will occupy a parcel on Meadowville Road just east of Enon Baptist Church.

Still identified by Chesterfield County as “Twister,” (a code name for the project) the building permits for two of the commercial structures will total 275,000 square feet and will increase the business count at Meadowville to five including the new Altria buildings.

The Chesterfield County Economic Department is also in the plan phase of a new road leading from the development’s roundabout intersection at Meadowville Road and Meadowville Technology Parkway.

According to Will Davis, Economic Director, the road is needed to open up more property for more commercial businesses.

The code names for new developments, such as “Twister” and “Bulldog” are used to establish the company’s desire to locate at Meadowville, but the option on the property has yet to be exercised.

Altria is only starting its plans for five separate building, which will be arranged in a sort of complex setting. Altria will make five commercial business, which will be located in Meadowville Technology Park.

A residential/commercial component is also in the zoning stage. Twin Rivers, a local developer has applied for rezoning of 50 plus acres that Twin Rivers would build a multi-use community, which would feature three separate areas designed for different uses. Called as CUPD, (Conditional Use Planned Development) the areas are designated for a mix of uses such as an all residential component, which would include up to 400 apartments, a commercial element that could serve employees at the Meadowville Technology, and an office/retail piece that could also serve the residential neighborhood Meadowville Landing.

The commercial permits for Altria’s building project has received permits to begin building their Warehouses.


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